How to Order
Saratoga's Baskets by Elizabeth
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Services & Customers
How to contact us:
Liz Cox, R.D. at  408-865-0446
When ordering a Gift Basket we need the
following information:

* What is the customer's name, address
and phone number?
* What occasion is this gift for?
* What is the recipient's age and gender?
* Do they have a favorite hobby,
interest or sport?
* If a newborn, is it a girl or boy?
* What is your budget? How much do
you want to spend?
* What is your choice of basket(s)?
* What is the required date of delivery,
recipient's full name and address?
* What is the message to be written on
the gift card if we are delivering?
* How will you be paying?  Check?
Cash? Visa,
or Mastercard?
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