Saratoga Baskets by Elizabeth
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How to contact us:
Liz Cox, R.D. at 408-865-0446
Product Overview:
We create both food and gift baskets.  Please browse
through a sampling of the over 60 baskets that we design.

* The Elegant Bath:  Choose from an assortment of bubble
baths, soaps, powders, lotions, sachets, jewelry boxes,
note cards and more, all displayed in Victorian style.  
Valued at $35-$60.
* The Green Thumb:  Perfect for your favorite gardener.  
This basket is packed with a variety of seeds, gloves,
trowel, hand shovel, hand lotion and more, wrapped up in
a flower basket or watering can.  Tell us who we can send
this one to...Valued at $35-$55.
* The Sport Enthusiast:  One of our most popular gift
baskets.  Choose from golf, football, hockey, baseball or
you name it.  The basket is decorated in the colors of the
favorite team and filled with any array of foods & items
specific to the sport.  Valued at $35-$60.
* The Classic Movie Party Basket:  Choose from an
assortment of old video classics accompanied by gourmet
popcorn, pistachios and a variety of other movie going
treats.  Valued at $35-$60.
* The Pasta Sampler:  Give this colorful basket filled with
an assortment of pastas, sauces, olive oil, specialty bread
sticks and a delicious dessert.  A healthy gift.  Valued at
* The Pampered Breakfast:  Choose from a selection of
teas or coffees, specialty muffins or scone mixes, honey,
jams and other treats with a tea cup or mug in a beautifully
decorated basket.  Valued at $30-$60.

Other baskets also available:
* Chocolate Lovers Basket
* Happy Anniversary Basket
* Special Sweets
* Savory Snacks
* Victorian Bridal
* I Love My Cat Basket
* Baby Baskets

Visa, Mastercard & American Express accepted
Family Night MOVIE BASKET!
Brandi Chastain Soccer Basket for BAWSI Fund Raiser