More Basket Photos!
The Stars of Silicon Valley Basket!
In this basket you will find a whole collection of wonderful
Logo Wear, Local Foods, SportsTeams and so much more
from the Businesses  that have made Silicon Valley what it is
today!  Specify what companies you would like included!
Corporate Thank You Baskets
Keep your name in front of your customers and colleagues
with a Thank You basket complete with your favorite treats!  
Thank You cellophane, Thank You ribbon and other Thank
You packaging add a special touch along with your own logo
Complete Coffee Collection!!
WOW! Let us make a coffee basket with all your
favorite coffees! This basket includes Starbucks, Peets,
Wolfgang Puck's Ghiradelli's and more! Along with
Coffee Mug, Biscotti Dipping Cookies, chocolate stirring
spoons and more great coffee condiments!
Welcome to Your New Home Basket!
Tailor your basket to fit the elegance of your client! This
New Home Owner Basket combined an elegant touch of
pasta, sauce, bread sticks and wine along with chocolate
and a beautiful wine towel, serving pieces and more to
make a first dinner cooked at home extra special!